About us


About us

Our company focuses on developing and manufacturing electronic devices based on microcontrollers. For many years the main company profile has been car alarm systems. We are proud of many of ours innovative solutions and applications such as

  • our own algorithm of variable code
  • digital ultrasonic and shock sensor
  • microprocessor-based siren with shock sensor built-in
  • controller for car-audio systems wall
  • car alarm with GPS/GSM support
  • rapid battery charger with PC interface

We will be happy to cooperate with you

  • We offer you our products on a good terms of payment.

  • We offer you our experience and knowledge to develop new products.

  • We organize the whole design process, from a sketch to a finished product.


    ELPROG S. Krymski
    35-105 Rzeszów
    ul. Przemysłowa 11/45
    tel. +48 17 250 21 16




35-105 Rzeszów, ul. Przemysłowa 11/45, tel./fax (17) 250 21 16
e-mail: elprog@elprog.com.pl

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