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RANDAL’EK car alarm

When buying car alarm system major factors considered by a buyer are: low price, high quality, great reliability, ease of use and installation and something that distinguish it between many other car alarms. All these factors were taken into account during design process and manufacturing of RANDAL car alarms. RANDAL car alarms mean:

  • increased user safety – notification of any improperly shut doors or
  • easy and comfortable operating – locking/unlocking with a remote controller
  • false alarm elimination – extended sensor analysis
  • random, scattered code for RF controllers – unique…… solution
  • modern electronic parts made by known companies (Microchip, Thomson, Matsushita) designed for use in extended temperature range (-40°C / +85°C) and automotive solutions (regulators, relays)
  • overvoltage and short-circuit protection
  • programmable microprocessors – it allows production of small batches designed for specific requirements

Other, pure “alarm functions, are not described purposely, because they are similar to other devices of this type (silent/loud arming, 30s alarm, panic function, prealarm, turning off motion sensors, etc.).

Previous version of RANDAL has been honorably mentioned on 1. National Contest “Polish master of alarm technics”.  



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