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Sensors for car-alarms



Sensors for car-alarm systems

  • EPC-21 digital ultrasonic sensor
  • EPC-30 digital ultrasonic and shock sensor
  • EPC-40 pressure sensor
  • EPC-50 glass-breakage detectors

Practical application of microprocessors for digital signal processing has offered new ways of designing sensors. Microprocessor-based sensors allow great reduction in a number of false alarms generated by sensor and more accurate functioning of the whole system.
Digital sensors mean:

  • simple design, less parts – greater reliability
  • digital stability of parameters – unobtainable in previous sensors
  • extended digital detectors – “intelligent” signal analysis
  • digital filters – interference suppression
  • great flexibility of the whole design – it is possible to adjust to any kind of alarm by modifying software


Microprocessor-based, semi-automatic ultrasonic sensor


Microprocessor-based ultrasonic and shock sensor


Pressure sensor


Glass-breakage detector




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